Volkor X – This Means War [BLACK VINYL – 2nd Press]

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Vinyl 12″ 180g
Full color glossy jacket with insert.
Comes with Digital Download Card.
Artwork by Guile 93
Insert artwork by Hollywood Burns
Neuropa Records NRP81

Track Listing:
01 – Prelude to War
02 – Masked Death
03 – Run Away
04 – Beacon (feat. Dimi Kaye)

01 – The Bomb
02 – Hypersleep
03 – This Means War (feat. Sylvain Coudret)

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“This Means War” offers more than 45 minutes of uchronic prophecy, where Sylvain Coudret from Soilwork makes a guest – and explosive – appearance, and where cosmic evil lurks in every corner. This actually means war!

“The Frenchman behind Volkor X’s sound is very, very good at what he does and I’m glad synthwave fanatics have embraced him so well. Because so have I. I already mentioned how fast this guy’s music is selling out, so if you’re a stickler for physical, limited copy editions of music, act fast!”  (Brutal Resonance review)

“Its guitar riffs are godlike and blend with the more techy sounds to craft a well woven experience unlike any other. One could be fairly mistaken for believing This Means War to have been done by a band or even an entire orchestra, but no–it was just one dude, and a dude with immeasurable talent no less. When I listen to this album on my near daily pilgrimage, it always gives me this particular snug, cozy feeling that you can only really get from something that at once typifies the word “classic,” while always having one foot in today.” (Popcorn and Fizz review)

Brutal Resonance
Popcorn and Fizz
CoreAndCo (fr) (de)