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Mysterious galactic overlord

Surrender, or die! First appearing in 2015, the mysterious galactic overlord Volkor X has been pushing the boundaries of synthwave ever since, incorporating metal and post-rock elements and effectively transforming it into his own unique vision. Working with many artists from various genres (remixes for The Algorithm, Scandroid, Irving Force, Electric Dragon…) he quickly became an established name on the scene, earning him acclaim from both fans and critics alike. After “This Means War”, his first album from 2016, Volkor X comes back in full force in 2020 with “This is our Planet now”, featuring once again an explosive guitar solo from Soilwork‘s Sylvain Coudret. In this latest offering, Volkor X ventures beyond the confines of traditional synthwave, while maintaining his signature expansive sound and breathtaking crescendos.

A cryptic homage to those lost in the abyss

At the end of 2023, Volkor X will release his long awaited third album. Through this stellar achievement, Volkor X bares his soul and takes you on an auditory journey to the profound depths of introspection and the tender melancholy of remembrance. Amidst the mesmerizing fusion of ethereal guitars, resounding synths, and monumental walls-of-sound, secrets lie concealed, a requiem for the lost, an evocative journey through the never-ending whirl of the human spirit, a cryptic homage to those lost in the abyss.

He is Volkor X. He does not come in peace.