Volkor X – This is our Planet Now [CASSETTE] (2nd Edition)


2nd Edition
Cassette with on-body UV printing.
Comes with Digital Download Card.
Artwork by Gwen Vibancos
Additional artwork by Jean-Luc Sala
Edition of 50

Track Listing:
01 – Stratos (feat. Feather)
02 – Beam
03 – Crimson Clouds
04 – Shoot Them Up

01 – Gravity
02 – Atomic Dust
03 – This is our Planet Now (feat. Sylvain Coudret)

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“As a rule, all Synthwave should be as progressive as Volkor X. This Is Our Planet Now is the spiritual sequel to his 2016 album, This Means War, and has set the barometer extremely high for this genre. (…) In short, this record is a great soundtrack to your nightmares and dreamscapes. An ethereal experience that’s creative and innovative. It’s a bold genre-mixing effort that embraces contemporary Metal and Post-Rock. “ (Scream Blast Repeat review)

“Volkor X, by giving metal and synthwave equal amounts of dedication and attention, has created an album which proves that the two genres were meant for each other that they, indeed, amplify and improve each other.” (Heavy Blog is Heavy review)

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