Volkor X Retro Badge


Diameter: 3.2cm / 1.18in
Looking for a way to transport yourself back to the golden age of the 1980s? Look no further than the “Volkor X Retro Badge” – the perfect accessory for any nostalgic sci-fi fan! This badge features the iconic Volkor X logo in all its retro-futuristic glory, with a special twist. Thanks to advanced technology that Volkor X himself helped develop, this badge has the power to transport you back in time to the neon-soaked streets and arcade halls of the 80s! Just attach it to your favorite jacket or backpack with you Guns n’ Roses and Iron Maiden badges, and let the magic happen. You’ll feel like you’re living in an episode of your favorite sci-fi show from decades past. And with its sturdy construction and high-quality materials, this badge is built to last through all your time-traveling adventures. Don’t wait – get your Volkor X Retro Badge today and start reliving the glory days!

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